Frontier Building Corp.

Frontier Building Corporation (FBC) offers its clients complete construction services designed to efficiently transform blueprints into grand opening day. FBC’s highly experienced team of professionals specializes in the construction of commercial retail centers and interior build-outs.

FBC approaches each project from an owner’s perspective, providing no-excuses accountability and making time and cost efficiency its first priority. 

Prior to the commencement of construction,
FBC completes a careful cost and efficiency analysis for each project to ensure on-time and within budget delivery. FBC carefully and closely manages every detail of every phase of the construction process.  FBC also provides thorough and transparent periodic and on-demand communications to its clients during the construction phase, always keeping its clients fully informed on the project’s progress.

FBC’s expert construction services are readily available to both Frontier Development’s own clients and to third party clients needing construction services only. Frontier Development’s clients in particular are able enjoy maximum operational and cost efficiency due to the streamlined and seamless work product that is possible when operating with an affiliated company. In every case, FBC is always fully committed to exceeding all of its clients’ expectations.

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